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Miracle Day 2020 – First Team Subaru & our customers donate $40,250 to Carilion Children’s Hospital

First Team contributes 40,250 to Carilion's Children's Hospital 2020

First Team Subaru is once again honored to announce that together with our Subaru buyers, we have raised $40,250 for The Children’s Miracle Network! That’s nearly $7000 more than last year. The donation will be made to through the network to Roanoke’s Carilion Children’s Hospital.

Each year, WSLQ Q99 radio presents “Miracle Day“, an incredible day of fund raising hosted by Q99’s Dick and Dave. This year, Dick and Dave raised a total of $115,946 for the Children’s Miracle Network!

By matching donations made by First Team Subaru buyers during the Subaru Love Event, First Team helped to raise nearly half the donations for Miracle Day. First Team Subaru has helped to raise over $190,000 for Carilion Children’s Hospital in the last five years.

“Our philosophy is that we’re part of the community first, and a business second,” said David Dillon, President and General Manager of First Team Auto Mall. “We believe in giving back to the community, always have since we opened in 1988. With the help of other great people and businesses like Dick and Dale and Subaru, along with out incredible customers, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousand of children get the medical care they need.”

Everyone at First Team Subaru is proud and excited to be able to help this fantastic cause. If you would like to make a donation, donations can be made any time during the year by visiting Dick & Dave’s donor site. Thank you all for your support!

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  1. system will be donating millions to local children s hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. All contributions are made to the local Children s Miracle Network

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