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Subaru Loves the Earth 2021

A long time ago, First Team decided to be the kind of company that takes environmental responsibility seriously. In order to keep our natural resources safe, First Team has worked closely with Roanoke’s leaders to build and maintain dealerships that go above and beyond existing environmental rules and guidelines, and recently won the very special Roanoke Valley Stormwater Clean Award for our new First Team Volkswagen building.

First Team Subaru Loves Earth

This dedication to our environment is shared by the Subaru corporation, which has for many years worked to reduce waste, safeguard resources for future generations, and preserve natural spaces, making real, meaningful commitments to these goals. All Subaru products are manufactured in zero-landfill production plants, and Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is the only U.S. automobile production plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

First Team Subaru Loves Earth

April is Subaru’s “Love the Earth” month, where dealers are recognized for their efforts in keeping our environment safe through recycling. Year-round, First Team Subaru consistently provides recycling bins for our guests, and we make sure to recycle every possible disposable. This includes items that cannot be tossed into your home recycling bin, like coffee capsules, snack wrappers, and recyclable auto parts and fluids such as motor oil and air filters. We work with TerraCycle through Subaru to collect and transport recyclables safely and efficiently.

First Team Subaru Loves Earth
First Team Subaru Loves Earth

Some of our recycling numbers for July through December, 2020 include:

Coffee, Tea, & Creamer Capsules
85 lbs., 3,159 Units

Disposable Cups and Lids
53lbs., 5,300 Units

Snack Wrappers
114 lbs., 14,319 Units

First Team Subaru Loves Earth

We invited all of our Roanoke Valley neighbors to bring items such as these to our Subaru showroom to be recycled, even if you are not a customer. We are very happy to provide this free service for the community!

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