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Southern Team Automall Participates in Roanoke SPCA Event

Saturday, October 7, 2023 Southern Team Subaru Opened its doors and wallet to help Roanoke SPCA to find furever home. Southern Team paid the adoption fees for 11 good boys and girls. Many came with their own sad story, but Otis pulled our heart strings when we were first introduced. Otis promptly sat down and stuck out his paw to shake with such a well-mannered introduction, we thought for sure he would be one of the first to go. Otis and his sister belonged to a middle-aged man who passed away. The man’s mother tried to keep them but it was too much for her & she was extremely distraught when she had to relinquish her son’s pets. Otis’ sister was quickly adopted but unfortunately Otis was left behind. He had been in the shelter for about six weeks, most likely because he was nine years old. At the end of the event Otis was still hanging around with us. A young lady came in to purchase a new Ascent and asked her father, a mobile mechanic to accompany her. Of course her father‘s main concern was to help his daughter but he kept being distracted by Otis. It was clear Otis was pulling on his heart strings also. Her dad decided at the very last minute that he was taking Otis home with him. Otis’ new dad is a mobile mechanic (Wicks Mobile Fix) and he gets to hit the road every day on a new adventure. Otis is loving going to work and having a purpose. It is Southern Team Subaru‘s wish that all 11 adopted dogs are enjoying their new adventure as much as Otis.

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