Celebrate October’s Classroom Hero With Southern Team Auto Mall

As the new month unfolded, ABC 13 and Southern Team Auto Mall continued their commitment to celebrating outstanding educators in the heart of Virginia. Just as the school year commenced, so did the monthly initiative, “Classroom Heroes in the Heart of Virginia.” Whether reflecting on a memorable teacher from our past, acknowledging a current educator impacting our children, or recognizing a family member in the teaching profession, we invite you to join us in expressing gratitude. ABC 13 remains dedicated to spotlighting and thanking those teachers who consistently go above and beyond in their educational endeavors.

Southern Team Auto Mall invites ABC 13 viewers in the local community to participate in the monthly teacher nomination process. Entrust the judges with the task of selecting a deserving winner from the submissions. Upon choosing a winner, ABC 13, in collaboration with Southern Team Auto Mall, orchestrates a surprise celebration to pay tribute to the extraordinary contributions of these teachers. If you’re aware of a teacher deserving of recognition, kindly submit their nomination here. ABC 13 encourages you to provide comprehensive details, aiding the judges in comprehending what distinguishes this teacher and why they merit acknowledgment.

Acknowledging the exceptional efforts of a specific teacher, recipients of this recognition are awarded $500 in gift cards. This includes a generous $250 Amazon gift card provided by ABC 13 and a gracious $250 VISA gift card sponsored by Southern Team Auto Mall. Furthermore, as the school year advances, winners may also qualify for a year-long lease on a brand-new Subaru, courtesy of Southern Team Auto Mall. At the conclusion of the academic year, the public will have the opportunity to cast votes for the most outstanding recipient. Explore the details of the Subaru offer here.

October 2023 Classroom Hero Winner

Mr. White, featured among the submissions in October, serves as the Director of Cavalier Theatre at Jefferson Forest High School in Bedford County. He plays a crucial role as the drama teacher, impacting the lives of hundreds of students. Mr. White’s influence on students is evident in the outcomes: he led the school to compete at the state level for the best drama group, securing victory for three consecutive years before achieving the runner-up position last year.

According to his students, Mr. White goes beyond the role of a good teacher; he extends a hand of friendship, serving as someone the students can rely on, ensuring they feel cared for and valued for who they are. Others also concurred with this sentiment. In the month of October, Mr. White garnered an impressive total of 16 distinct nominations to be recognized as our Classroom Hero. Some of the submissions included the following:

  • There is no teacher more deserving of the title “classroom hero” than Spence White.
  • The number of hours he dedicates to his students is above and beyond what would be expected, often starting at 8am and ending at 10pm.
  • He’s like a father figure.
  • He is the teacher that his students will remember when they look back at their time at Jefferson Forest!
  • Even 7 years after meeting him when I was 14, I still take his teachings of doing my best and always put my all into whatever it is I’m doing.

Southern Team Auto Mall is proud to expand its reach into the local community alongside ABC 13, centering and rewarding individuals who go above and beyond in everyday life and in service of others. Be sure to follow Virginia’s Classroom Hero’s yearlong journey via Southern Team Auto Mall’s social media. And remember, if you know a teacher going the extra mile, be sure to nominate them!

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