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Southern Auto Group’s 40-Year Commitment to Old Dominion University: Fostering Excellence in Athletics and Beyond

For more than four decades, the Southern Auto Group has been a steadfast supporter of Old Dominion University (ODU), nurturing a partnership that extends far beyond the automotive realm. This enduring collaboration is a testament to the group’s commitment to education, athletics, and community engagement.

A cornerstone of Southern Auto Group’s support for ODU lies in its provision of vehicles to the coaching staff, playing a pivotal role in the university’s recruitment efforts. By supplying reliable and quality transportation, the group contributes directly to the university’s ability to attract top-tier coaching talent and, subsequently, high-caliber student-athletes. These athletes, in turn, benefit from athletic scholarships provided through this longstanding partnership.

The commitment to ODU’s athletic programs doesn’t stop there. Southern Auto Group proudly sponsors the Big Blue Club for ODU Basketball, amplifying the fan experience and bolstering the university’s basketball program. This sponsorship serves as a testament to the group’s recognition of the profound impact that sports can have on the university community.

In addition to its support for basketball, Southern Auto Group extends its sponsorship to the ODU Football Program. You’ll find the group’s spirited presence in the ODU Silver Lot, where tailgating festivities bring together fans, athletes, and the local community in celebration of the team’s successes.

This comprehensive partnership between Southern Auto Group and ODU underscores the group’s dedication to fostering excellence in education, athletics, and community spirit. Beyond the provision of vehicles, the group actively participates in creating an enriched sporting environment that brings people together to rally behind the Monarchs.

As Southern Auto Group looks back on 40 years of collaboration with Old Dominion University, it’s evident that this partnership transcends the traditional dealer-customer relationship. It’s a testament to the group’s belief in the transformative power of education and athletics and its commitment to being an integral part of the ODU community for years to come.

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