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Southern Auto Group’s Enduring Partnership with Hope House Foundation

In the spirit of community advocacy and empowerment, the Southern Auto Group has forged a lasting alliance with the Hope House Foundation. For many years, this collaboration has played a pivotal role in supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes or apartments, regardless of the complexity of their disabilities.

At the heart of this impactful partnership is the Southern Auto Group’s unwavering support for one of the Hope House Foundation’s flagship events—the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival. Held biannually in the spring and fall, this vibrant festival transforms Norfolk’s Historic Ghent into a bustling hub of creativity and artistic expression.

The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival serves as a poignant testament to the shared values of Southern Auto Group and the Hope House Foundation. It not only brings the community together to celebrate art but also serves as a powerful fundraiser, channeling resources toward initiatives that directly impact the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The festival’s lively atmosphere is complemented by an array of artistic offerings, including visual arts, live performances, and interactive activities. Southern Auto Group’s support goes beyond a mere financial contribution—it stands as a testament to the group’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, independence, and a sense of belonging for individuals facing intellectual and developmental challenges.

Through its involvement in the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival, Southern Auto Group actively participates in creating a platform where individuals with disabilities can showcase their talents and find a supportive community that embraces diversity. This collaborative effort contributes not only to the festival’s success but also to the overarching mission of the Hope House Foundation.

As the Southern Auto Group continues to stand alongside the Hope House Foundation, this enduring partnership underscores the group’s dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through the celebration of art, community, and shared values, the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival remains a beacon of hope, fostering inclusivity and resilience within the vibrant tapestry of Norfolk’s Historic Ghent.

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